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Originally from California, the Haubrick Family moved to Oklahoma the Summer of 2002. They came with knowledge that God wanted them in OK and they trusted Him to provide. It wasn't easy leaving two stable jobs, a nice house, and a network of friends and family, but they knew that God had more in store for them.


Sam Haubrick, now Hhi's Inspector, had a long background in construction, contracting, and painting. When he heard that there were not very many inspectors in the area, God started the wheels turning. The Family prayed for God's will to be done, and Sam started studying for his certification test. With a lot of prayer and many long nights of studying, Sam passed his test the first time! The Hhi family have been working with Lawton families for over fifteen years. They cherish their customers and strive for excellence in every area. They believe they must do their best "as unto the Lord."


They bring a fresh and cutting edge aspect to the inspection world. They believe that top of the line business and friendly service go hand in hand. Contact us today to talk about your inspection needs.

Our Story

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